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SW Moody Ave
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South Waterfront
South Waterfront phases I and II connect to
new developments via SW Moody Avenue
Future bridge
Future light rail/bus transitway
SW Moody Cross Section
SW Moody Avenue cross-section

SW Moody Avenue Reconstruction

In the South Waterfront district, the TIGER Grant will help construct approximately 3,200 linear feet of SW Moody Avenue from approximately SW River Parkway to SW Gibbs Street. SW Moody Avenue will include three traffic lanes, dual streetcar tracks, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The roadway will be elevated with an additional 14 feet of fill, allowing redevelopers of adjacent brownfields to offer “tuck under parking” without disturbing capped contaminated areas. The elevated street also integrates mixed-use developments with street-level transit facilities, encouraging transit ridership and reducing auto trips.

SW Moody Avenue is the main access point to the district. The new construction will increase roadway capacity and introduce urban development standards such as fiber optic, sewer, stormwater and water infrastructure to support future development. Rendering large parcels adjacent to SW Moody Avenue developable and incorporating additional transit modes along SW Moody Avenue will be vital to the economic success of the South Waterfront district. This investment in roadway and streetcar facilities also supports the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail extension and streetcar extensions including the Close the Loop (connecting eastside and westside streetcar lines) and the Portland to Lake Oswego lines.

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Engineering drawing - section
SW Moody Avenue Schedule


Cost Estimate

Streetcar Construction $10,518,636
Utility Relocation $14,651,446
Roadway Construction $10,313,118
Anticipated Items $4,410,887
Construction Contingency $3,989,409
Total Construction $43,883,496
Total Soft Costs $22,649,05
Total Project Estimate $66,532,551


Environmental Plan



Engineering Drawings

SW Moddy drawing- section SW Moody drawing 1 SW Moody drawing 2 SW Moody drawing 3
Drawing - section Drawing 1 Drawing 2 Drawing 3





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